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Maraming Salamat po!

Thank you for making PHILBIKE 2017: FAMILY RIDE & GLIDE a success! See you at PHILBIKE EXPO 2017 at World Trade Center Metro Manila on November 3, 4, and 5.


Philippines' First and Largest Cycling Trade and Consumer Show

Philbike Expo is the Philippines' first and largest trade and consumer show dedicated to the promotion and development of cycling and related industries. This annual event was conceived and conceptualized by Phil-Bike Convention Inc.. However, with consistent inputs from industry players themselves, Phil-Bike Expo is continually evolving into a premier international event of global standard but with a dash of local flavor peculiar only to the Philippine market.

From its early beginning three years ago (2014), Phil-Bike Expo has been bringing together exhibitors of various competing and complementing brands from the world of cycling and fitness trials, giving enthusiasts and first-timers alike, the chance to check out the very best and the latest that the industry offers. Attendees for the past three events, ranging from the crème-de- la-crème triathletes to serious cyclists down to the simple fitness weekender buffs, have been steadily climbing.

Notwithstanding the real stars of the Expo, which are actually the various-branded bicycles, Phil-Bike complemented each annual show with spectacular performances from superstar and world champion athletes. There was Austrian World Champion Thomas Oehler in 2014. 2015 – Vittorio Brumotti, Italy’s 3-time Guinness Book of World Record holder; France’s 5-time World Champion Matthias Dandois and Spain’s 3-time World Champion, Viki Gomez. Last year, we had Belguim’s 14-time World Champion, Kenny Belaey together with the returning Viki Gomez, plus Japan’s YouTube sensation, Superkids Yu Shoji and Takumi Isogai.

This 2017, we widen the spectrum - engaging bikers and enthusiasts from all walks of life. A call to Filipinos to LIVE LIFE and CYCLE. 

With our dedication to the betterment of the Philippines Cycling industry, we hear our beloved PHILBIKERS' call; we came up with Four Events to cater every Bikers’ preferences. We are magnifying things and making them relevant to everyone!

To all our dear Philbikers, MARAMING SALAMAT PO!


Cycling uses no fuel, takes a lot less energy to make than cars, and requires no toxic batteries or motor oil.

The 8th Annual Clean Air forum of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources  (Philippines) held last June 2016, points to vehicle emission as the leading factor that contributes 69% to the country’s air pollution. Air pollutant concentration in the National Capital Region reached 130 micrograms per normal cubic meter (µg/Ncm) in terms of total suspended particulates (TSP), up from 106 µg/Ncm at year's end in 2014. 

Some 6.5 million people die each year from air pollution and a vast majority of the world – 6.76 billion people – lives in excessive cosmic dust, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported.

Cycling significantly reduces transportation emissions while also reducing traffic congestion and the need for petroleum. On a 10 mile round trip commute 5 days a week for a year:

  • Small car' runs 35mpg, consumes 68 Gallons of fuel, and releases 7 Tons of CO2.
  • A midsize car runs 20mpg, consumes 124 Gallons of fuel, and releases 1.3 Tons of CO2.
  • An SUV/4×4 runs 14mpg, consumes 170 Gallons of fuel, and releases 1.9 Tons of CO2.

These are just the pollutants from fuel use. From the foam and plastic in its seats to the petroleum in its tires, each car is a small pollution factory. Several tons of waste and 1.2 billion cubic yards of polluted air are generated in its manufacture alone!

During its lifetime, on the road, each car produces another 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air and scatters an additional 40 pounds of worn tire particles, brake debris and worn road surface into the atmosphere.

Most hybrids require large batteries such as nickel metal hydride batteries which are known carcinogens, and have been shown to cause a variety of teratogenic effects. Also, nickel mining is often done in open cast mines with all the attendant pollution that goes along with excavating large holes in the ground.

Hybrids do use some gas to run, while bikes require none. When you rely on a car for transportation, you are more likely to go further for errands and not rely on completely carbon free forms of transportation such as walking and cycling. You support your local businesses when you get there by bike or walking.

Our advocacy consists of activities that call for, promote and/or enable increased adoption and support for cycling and improved safety and convenience for cyclists, within urbanized areas, semi-urban regions or any place where bicycles can impact the lives of people and contribute to the betterment of their communities. Issues of concern typically include both national and local governments' laws, ordinances, policies, better cycling infrastructures, health and environmental benefits, public-private partnership and political will not just to support alternative mode of transport and commuting but also to develop an industry that would be economically beneficial to the locals.

We intend to collect second-hand (used) or new bicyles for distribution to beneficiary communities with a long term vision of establishing community-wide bicycle tourism industry in as many areas and regions as possible. Together, we can all create not only happier and healthier communities but functional ones!

You can help too! Donate your old/new (in good condition) bicycles! To know more, email us at


PhilBike Expo in 3 Cycles


See PhilBike in Motion


Our Pillars and Builders



"Great guests! Great show! Kenny Belaey, Yu Shoji, Takumi Isogai, and Viki Gomez! What a line-up!"

November 25, 2016

"Best yearly event i attended. Enjoyed the bikes sales, events, and stalls."

June 22, 2016

“Thanks for a wonderful and successful event! From #breezykleta #brzykleta”

October 6, 2015

“It's a blast! Great event! Philbike Expo see you next year ...”

October 8, 2015

“So much fun and so much better and bigger than last year!”

October 5, 2015

“thank you verry much #philbikeExpo we love yahhh!”

October 1, 2015


It's a memorable day for bike enthusiasts last November 15 as they give a warm welcome to the very first Phil-Bike Expo...

This is big. It is probably the biggest expo of its kind. I guess it’s a testament to how much the Philippine biking scene...

Hearing about the Philippine Bike Expo was exciting! Finally a bike festival on our shores – of course...

 BMX Halfpipe Competitions, Riding Clinics for kids and adults, on site Repair & Maintenance, VIP & Networking lounges...

Visiting the Phil-Bike Expo 2014 brings back memories when I still had plenty of time to ride a bicycle...

Philbike Expo presented by Phil-Bike Convention Inc on November 15 to 16 at World Trade Center Manila...

The first will always be memorable. Hats off to the organizers of the first ever Phil-Bike Expo 2014. Their passion for cycling has truly taken form here. Take away all the money and politics involved...

I genuinely wish this endeavour great success and am very excited about how much better the Phil Bike Expo next year will shape up to be! Congratulations to all the participants and organizers!!!

Philbike Expo 2014 features a Christmas Tree made out of bikes, a vintage & rare exhibit, bike valet parking service, BMX halfpipe competitions, riding clinics for kids and  adults...


The PhilBike event catered to a growing number of riders, more so those who are very keen on cycling and riding not just as a sport but also a form of health and transportation.

Bike expos are events that are in the wish list of bike enthusiast. This is the event where bike enthusiasts can network with other bikers who have the same interest as them. 

World champion bikers in town for 3rd PhilBike expo SportsFilipino biking enthusiasts get to interact with world champion riders Kenny Belaey and Viki Gomez...

The third Philbike Expo brings international top riders to Manila. The two-day international standard trade and consumer cycling show will showcase the skills of world-renowned riders.

Cycling enthusiasts, bike merchants, and members of the media convened for a three-day event filled with two-wheel thrill at the PhilBike Expo, the country’s first and largest trade and consumer show...

This year's PhilBike Expo has proven to be one of the most sought after events of the local cycling scene, making its mark and putting it at par with other international bike shows. 

Vittorio Brumoti, a trials rider from Italy, shows his prowess at the opening of the Philbike Expo 2015 at SMX Mall of Asia in Pasay City on Friday. 

Top and up-and-coming bicycle and sports brands put their best and latest wares on display and testing for the ever-growing local riding community...

Italian cyclist na si Vittorio Brumotti, panauhin bukas sa PhilBike Expo 2015 - 

Italian road bike superstar Vittorio Brumotti and BMX flat land phenoms Viki Gomez of Spain and Matthias Dandois of France are slated to perform breathtaking demos and cool workshops for local biking enthusiasts.

The country’s only premiere trade and consumer show dedicated to the promotion and development of cycling, is all systems go for its second annual run this 2015.  The expo offers trade participants and media exclusive access

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Organized by Phil-Bike Convention Inc., the event has seen over 17,000 enthusiasts pack convention centers for two years.

To mark its third year anniversary, this year’s expo shall be headlined by a few of the best in the sport today...

Now on its third year, here are the five reasons why you should not miss the Philbike Expo 2016...

Multiple-World Championship rider, Kenny Belaey marveled audiences with a demonstration of “Balance” atop various obstacles inside the convention. 

The country’s premier active lifestyle event is back! PHILBIKE expo is back this 2016 happening on November 26 and 27 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia.

More than 100 international and local brands in cycling and fitness, encompassing a diverse range of bikes and accessories for riders of all skill levels and disciplines...

Filipino biking enthusiasts get to interact with world champion riders Kenny Belaey and Viki Gomez, who are on hand for the annual PhilBike expo starting Friday at SMX Convention Center

Kenny “The Magician” Belaey is a 33-year-old veteran of trail cycling who debuted in 1992. He has brought the sport to mainstream consciousness through his constant innovation. 

Let's start with Belgian cyclist Kenny Belaey who has earned the name "The Magician" for being able to pull off seemingly impossible stunts. His latest video project, “Balance”...